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Perth is bucket list material. Here’s why

Perth is bucket list material. Here’s why

Closer to Bali than Sydney, Perth is both Australia’s most remote large city and one of its most liveable. With miles of unending beaches, beautiful waterfront parks, efficient public transportation, and a seriously delicious food scene, the West Coast capital is revving up its eco-friendly engines to compete with ritsy Sydney and artsy Melbourne for the number one position as Australia’s most sought-after destination for students, expats, and travelers. But, why consider Perth over Australia’s other capitals? Let’s count the reasons…

1. Highly liveable

With walkable streets, a rich cafe culture, and a strong focus on sustainable urban growth, Perth has a small town feel in a big city setting. Ranked in 2017 as the world’s seventh most liveable city by the Economist’s Intelligence Unit, the city’s 2 million residents and their generally laid-back attitude are a breath of fresh air for visitors coming from Australia’s more densely populated cities.

2. Good weather, great outdoors

If you’re considering living or visiting Australia, chances are you’re looking for sun, right? Well, Perth has got your back. As Australia’s sunniest city, Perth boasts an average of 8.8 hours of sunshine per day and an average temperature of 30-33 degrees Celsius. Naturally, the lifestyle follows the weather. On weeknights and weekends, you can find picnickers, bikers, slackliners, walkers, families, and students out and enjoying the city’s many parks and green spaces. King’s Park, located on Mount Eliza, one of the highest points in Perth’s mostly flat landscape, has become a central hub for Perth’s outdoor lifestyle.

3. Lots to do

From Instagram-worthy farm-to-table dishes at chic cafes to boutique clothing shops, and thriving open markets to trendy bars, Perth has a little something for everyone. Trust us, you have to try hard to get bored in this town. Looking to cross off a couple of the big attractions right away? Check out the Zoo, Perth Mint, or take a 30-minute train ride to Fremantle, a charming port city with a rich maritime history, Victorian architecture, and a famous microbrewery called Little Creatures.

4. Australian English

Surprisingly, for such a large country, Australian English doesn’t have the same geographical accent variation as British or American English. So, by learning English in Perth you’ll get all the advantages of Perth’s healthy and happening lifestyle without the hustle and bustle of the east coast – all without affecting the “type” of English you hear and study.

5. An animal kingdom

Just 90 minutes by ferry from Perth’s Barrack Street Jetty is Rottnest Island, home to the quokka, an adorable marsupial, and more importantly, what locals believe to be the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Visit the island for a day of walking, biking, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, surfing, or smiling at the quokkas’ quirky antics. Bikes can be rented on site or brought over from the mainland.

Or, maybe you’d prefer to swim with dolphins? You can tick this off your bucket list only an hour or two from Perth at Rockingham, Shoalwater Island Marine Park, Mandurah, and Koombana Bay. How about whale sharks? Meet all 16 meters and 30 tons of them diving off the Ningaloo Reef.

6. Hungry?

For those over 18, it’s worth noting that “Perth” and “wine” are all but synonymous, and Margaret River is the West Coast’s favorite wallow. With over 100 boutique wineries plus local craft beers, ciders, distilleries, expert cheesemakers, baristas, chocolatiers, and preserve makers, it’s best to arrive hungry! Apart from indulging in deliciousness, a visit to Margaret River is well worth the 3-hour drive for its gorgeous coastline, world-class surfing, whale watching, stand up paddling, and rock climbing.

With Australia’s east coast dotted from top to bottom with cities, it’s no secret that Western Australia is far more remote and removed.  But, with so much to see and do, we think that might not be such a bad thing.

Consider this an invitation to get to know Australia’s west side – you won’t regret it!

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