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5 TikTok accounts to follow for travel inspo

5 TikTok accounts to follow for travel inspo

When it comes to travel content online, there's no shortage of incredible inspiration on TikTok, where travel gurus invite their followers to join their mesmerizing global adventures.

If you're in search of the next breathtaking place to explore, or just looking for a daily dose of escapism, here are five TikTok accounts to follow for travel inspo.

1. Maria @heyshetravels

Based in British Columbia, Maria showcases the very best of her outdoor adventures and travel. Her account shares her passion for the natural beauty of the planet as she hikes, kayaks and even ziplines the globe.

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2. Madeline @lu_madeline

Madeline is a photographer and content creator who's lived and traveled all over the world with her husband and two kids. Her account inspires followers with tips for travel by highlighting incredible hotels, foods and experiences.

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3. Uzma @uzma.mahbub

Uzma is a London-based creator whose journeys around the globe feature stunning landscapes and travel recommendations.

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4. Marco & Gius @marcoegius

Marco and Gius have visited over 40 countries and share their adventures crisscrossing the globe. From mountain tops to blue lagoons, this traveling duo is living life to the fullest.

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5. Alexa @limsawkward

Alexa is a travel creator and storyteller based in Washington, DC whose account inspires the world to travel. Her travel tips and recommendations are especially helpful and her videos from travels in Mexico, Greece, Croatia and beyond are stunning.

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