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4 reasons why a gap year is the best thing ever

4 reasons why a gap year is the best thing ever

Life can be scary sometimes. So many choices, so many decisions. It can be exhausting to find your place in this world. If only there was a way to press pause. There is. And not just for a moment but for a whole year. A whole gap year. A gap year is basically a pause from regular life. It can be taken after, before or in between high school or college. Even though it doesn’t have magic powers, it’s an extraordinary way to positively influence your life – at any point. The word “gap” is actually a bit misleading, because it’s a year filled with experiences that could change your life and shape your future. You’re guaranteed to grow as a person, and learn while travelling and travel while learning.

1. You can become fluent in another language

Being fluent in another language has become one of the most important job skills around. People who speak more than one language are in high demand, make more money and have better career prospects. It’s a skill that will make your resume top-of-the-pile material.

2. It can shape your future

The academic tunnel can be long. And dark. Sometimes it can be daunting to see the light, which drags you down and makes studying, taking exams or choosing careers even more difficult. It can either be the beginning of a vicious cycle or your gap year. Take a step back, recharge your batteries and get new energy.

3. It helps you expand your horizons

Every day you take the same route to school. You know every corner, every barking dog and every traffic light. Your weekly take-out order is prepared before you even call. Even though all of this can be reassuring, it might be a sign that it’s time for a change. Go beyond the familiar and explore the world.

4. It allows you to learn valuable skills

Gap years can be customized with all kinds of activities. Besides travelling and learning another language, there are possibilities to volunteer or intern. You’ll be able to truly immerse yourself in a new culture and become more independent and confident, and more happy in the process! And just like that, the future will become less scary and decisions start to look like possibilities. Go on, take the plunge.

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